We repair all range of motorcycles currently used in Cambodia (touring, dirt bikes small motorcycles), following factory maintenance specifications. We preferably use genuine spare parts, as we have a comprehensive stock in Phnom Penh and we order parts from Japan on regular basis.

We offer free diagnosis and costs estimations of our services on demand.


We charge 15 $ / hour for usual work on the bikes.
Average time for a full bike check-up : 3 hours

  • Replace engine oil
  • Replace oil filter
  • Clean and tune-up carburetor

  • Idle engine rpm

  • Adjust valve clearance
  • Clean and lubricate air filter

  • Clean, lubricate and adjust throttle and clutch cable
  • Clean and lubricate drive chain – adjust freeplay
  • Check drive chain slider
  • Check spark plug reference, electrode gap and color
  • Check oil leaks
  • Check steering free play
  • Check front and rear suspensions
  • Check brake fluid levels
  • Check brake pads and brake disks
  • Check rims and spokes
  • Check tires pressure and replace missing valve caps
  • Check and adjust headlight, turn signals and horn
  • General check and riding test

Special maintenance / repair service :

  • Clean and grease steering head bearing
  • Clean and grease rear suspension and swing arm linkages
  • Drain and clean fork tubes – Replace brake fluid DOT4
  • Clean inner fork tube – Replace fork oil
  • Engine overall

The Workshop: